Diego E. Fernandez

Punta Arenas Greenhouse Mixed Use Building

The Punta Arenas Greenhouse Building represents a visionary response to a critical challenge. Located in a city and region heavily dependent on food imports, this structure redefines urban agriculture.

At its core, the building incorporates advanced aquaponic systems that facilitate vertical farming, allowing for not only the cultivation of crops but also greater self-sufficiency. The result is a thriving ecosystem of food production and commerce within the heart of the city.

What truly distinguishes this building is its innovative outer shell—an intricate ETFE structure. Comprising multiple layers of this unique plastic material, the building employs automated mechanical systems to manipulate these layers, offering both form and function to this architectural creation.

The Punta Arenas Greenhouse Building demonstrates the fusion of architecture with sustainability, where innovation harmoniously merges with design. It serves as a testament to the power of architectural vision in addressing real-world challenges.