Diego E. Fernandez

Aguas de Ramón Park Refuge

The architectural form is a direct interpretation of the concept of the ‘Snark’ from Lewis Carroll’s poem—using the idea of an elusive find as a guiding principle. In this context, the ‘Snark’ is represented by the natural stones that anchor the structure, embodying the discovered treasure within the wilderness.

The design employs a complex and precise arrangement of wooden beams, which rest upon and span across the stones, much like a bridge. This skeletal wooden framework is not merely for support; it reflects a deep understanding of material behavior and spatial design. The beams interlock in an intricate, almost puzzle-like pattern, highlighting the craftsmanship inherent in the construction.

Visible in the images is the practical embodiment of this concept: a structure that is both a functional space and a sculptural form. Its flat roof and linear dimensions suggest a modern aesthetic, while the open framework allows for interaction with the natural light and the environment. It’s an architectural manifestation of the ‘Snark’—a tangible realization of something that was once merely a figment of imagination.