Diego E. Fernandez


From the vibrant heart of Santiago, Chile, my portfolio captures a formative era spanning from 2018 to 2022. Within these pages, you’ll find a collection that oscillates between academic endeavors and client commissions, each project a testimony to meticulous design.

What Defines My Work

  • Precision in Proportions: Every line and angle is a deliberate stroke celebrating harmony and balance.
  • Mastery of Details: I believe the subtleties of design turn spaces into experiences.
  • Texture and Atmosphere: Materials are not mere mediums but narrators that enrich the dialogue between space and user.
  • Geometric Play: My designs echo the environment, with forms designed to complement and enhance their settings.

The Practicalities

Rooted in the practical challenges of client relations, budget constraints, and material realities, my approach is pragmatic yet imaginative, ensuring feasibility without compromising on innovation.

The Vision

This portfolio is more than a showcase; it’s an invitation to explore the interplay of space, form, and context through my eyes.