Diego E. Fernandez

About Me

Hello! I’m Diego Enriquie Fernandez, born in Miami, Florida, but my story took a vibrant turn when I moved to Santiago, where I’ve lived for the last 15 years. My academic home was at Universidad Diego Portales, which is where I honed my craft and was honored with prestigious awards from the ‘Alacero’ and ‘CAP’ competitions in 2018, recognized across Latin America for architectural excellence.

My passion for residential design is about more than just buildings; it’s about the vast world of materiality, atmosphere, physics and geometry. It’s in the latter where I find the fascinating challenge of complex spatial problems and the precise art of creating beautiful design.

Graduating just as the world was gripped by the pandemic and Chile underwent significant political change along side covid, I was propelled into entrepreneurship. This period sparked my creativity, leading me to design ceramics with distinctive sizes, functions, and characters, and to craft high-end furniture that blurs the lines between art and utility. In my work, I continuously explore the limits of materials, including the innovative use of recycled plastic.

I’m grateful for your time spent exploring my creations. If you’re intrigued and wish to discuss my work further, please reach out through this chatbox.