Diego E. Fernandez

Cerro La Parva Apartment Remodel

Set within the framework of a 1960’s apartment building, characterized by its historical iron tubing shafts, this apartment has undergone a comprehensive renovation. The reconfiguration has maximized the space, transforming it from a two-and-a-half-bedroom residence into a modern three-bedroom home.

The overhaul included demolishing walls to create an open and inviting layout, replacing dated ceramic tiles with contemporary flooring, and performing a complete bathroom renovation. The outdated tub has been replaced with a sleek, glass-paneled shower, exemplified by clean lines and modern finishes.

Central to this transformation is the kitchen’s middle island, a functional centerpiece that unifies the newly opened living space. It not only provides additional workspace and storage but also serves as a social hub for the apartment.

The images showcase the apartment’s transition to a brighter and more spacious interior, with the kitchen’s rustic cabinetry adding a warm contrast to the minimalist aesthetic throughout. This renovation respects the building’s heritage while infusing the apartment with a fresh, contemporary spirit.