Diego E. Fernandez

El Condor - House Addition

Nestled in the serene heights of El Arrayán, a distinguished neighborhood of Santiago, Chile, this project presented an exciting challenge: to craft an extension that not only expands the living space but also harmonizes with the breathtaking mountainous backdrop.

The new addition was conceived to incorporate a spacious second living room, designed to offer panoramic views of the lush private garden. Complementing this area are two well-appointed bedrooms and a modern bathroom, each space meticulously planned to align with the client’s lifestyle.

A distinctive feature of this extension is the innovative use of striped skylights. These were meticulously integrated to bathe the communal areas in soft, natural light, creating an interplay of shadow and brightness throughout the day. After dusk, these skylights form a rhythmic pattern that guides the artificial lighting, infusing the space with a warm, ambient glow that echoes the stars above the mountains.

This project stands as a testament to the fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal, where every detail is a deliberate stride towards creating a harmonious living experience.