Diego E. Fernandez

LED Eye Mirror

The LED Eye Mirror is a captivating piece that melds art and technology, featuring a reflective material set behind an acrylic panel to create the stunning illusion of a watchful eye. The LED lighting encircles the mirror, emitting a soft glow that can change color to suit the mood or decor of a room. This […]

Totem Mirror

The Totem Mirror combines sleek design with practical elegance. Its steel construction, coated in a subtle, light pink finish, provides a contemporary look while ensuring durability. The mirror stands at 190 cm tall, supported by a 45 cm round base, making it both stable and space-conscious. The reflective surface, measuring 40 x 130 cm, is […]

Pill Mirror

The Pill Mirror is an innovative fusion of technology and design, featuring LED lighting that traces the sleek contours of an acrylic panel. With smart capabilities, this mirror can change colors and sync with music, creating an immersive experience that transforms the mood of any space. Measuring 180 cm by 70 cm, or approximately 70.9 […]