Diego E. Fernandez

Flor Table

Inspired by a minimalist flower drawing, this metal structured coffee table brings a calm nature to anyone’s home Previous Next

Tower Lamp

While using a recycled plastic base with a textured paper to diffuse the light, the tower lamps functions with RGB lights, bluetooth connections and even a microphone to change colors, rhythms and patterns with the surrounding noise.Each hole has a different geometry to give it a more organic feeling, parametrically designed to a similar size. […]

Freeform Tables

Tailored to any size, all variations are unique to its own design, following a language of blobs that grow together, sliced to shape. Previous Next

Flowers Table

This table is a sculptural statement of metalwork, presenting a playful array of flower silhouettes that to form a coffee table. Each piece is meticulously crafted from metal and finished with a smooth paint coat, reflecting a blend of industrial material and organic inspiration in design. Previous Next Furniture

Arch Table

Exemplifying sustainable elegance, the Arch Table marries the sleekness of metal arches with the eco-conscious sophistication of recycled materials. The tabletop, finished in either recycled plastic or wood, rests upon gracefully curved metal legs, offering a contemporary take on classic design elements. This piece not only stands as a testament to functional artistry but also […]

LED Eye Mirror

The LED Eye Mirror is a captivating piece that melds art and technology, featuring a reflective material set behind an acrylic panel to create the stunning illusion of a watchful eye. The LED lighting encircles the mirror, emitting a soft glow that can change color to suit the mood or decor of a room. This […]

Recycled Plastic Cat Table

The Recycled Plastic Cat Table is a charming and environmentally conscious addition to any living space. Crafted entirely from recycled plastic materials, this playful piece features a tabletop design that mimics the whimsical face of a cat, complete with cut-out eyes and etched whiskers. It stands as a creative and sustainable choice for cat enthusiasts […]

Freeflow Sink

The Freeflow Sink is an exploration of fluid forms and precision. Its free-formed, parametric design is a testament to modern techniques, rendered in classic porcelain. The sink’s undulating contours and geometric elegance highlight a seamless blend of art and functionality, perfect for contemporary interiors that celebrate innovative design. Previous Next

Totem Mirror

The Totem Mirror combines sleek design with practical elegance. Its steel construction, coated in a subtle, light pink finish, provides a contemporary look while ensuring durability. The mirror stands at 190 cm tall, supported by a 45 cm round base, making it both stable and space-conscious. The reflective surface, measuring 40 x 130 cm, is […]

Blob Table

The Blob Table is a captivating assemblage of organic forms, a result of applying physics to virtual balloons inflating within an invisible box, a concept brought to life through parametric design and Grasshopper scripting. Crafted from fiberglass and coated with a lustrous, pearl finish in wine and mustard hues akin to high-end automotive paints, this […]