Diego E. Fernandez

Villa Portales Kindergarten

The project takes on the task of designing a children’s kindergarten and Nursery for children aged 1 to 4, harnessing the social value of the program and its capacity to transform the use of the surrounding public space. The project is situated within the collective housing complex Villa Portales, designed by modern architects Bresciani, Valdés, […]

Y House

A very tight budget, this house was designed to be as efficient as possible while still maintaining enough living conditions to accomodate a mother and her daughter. All while keeping an outdoor area for gatherings under a pergola that would let in light for winter. Inside, the kitchen was designed to utilize prefabricated furniture to reduce […]

El Condor – House Addition

El Condor – House Addition Nestled in the serene heights of El Arrayán, a distinguished neighborhood of Santiago, Chile, this project presented an exciting challenge: to craft an extension that not only expands the living space but also harmonizes with the breathtaking mountainous backdrop. The new addition was conceived to incorporate a spacious second living […]

Cerro La Parva Apartment Remodel

Cerro La Parva Apartment Remodel Set within the framework of a 1960’s apartment building, characterized by its historical iron tubing shafts, this apartment has undergone a comprehensive renovation. The reconfiguration has maximized the space, transforming it from a two-and-a-half-bedroom residence into a modern three-bedroom home. The overhaul included demolishing walls to create an open and […]

Prefabricated Tongoy Beach Butterfly House

Prefabricated Butterfly House in Tongoy Commissioned by dual families with a keen eye on budget and space efficiency, this butterfly-roofed house optimizes high room density without compromising on quality. The structure boasts a double-height design, with master bedrooms strategically perched on the second floor to capture sweeping views. This architectural solution not only fulfills the […]

Aguas de Ramón Natural Park Refuge

Aguas de Ramón Park Refuge The architectural form is a direct interpretation of the concept of the ‘Snark’ from Lewis Carroll’s poem—using the idea of an elusive find as a guiding principle. In this context, the ‘Snark’ is represented by the natural stones that anchor the structure, embodying the discovered treasure within the wilderness. The […]

Punta Arenas Greenhouse Mixed Use Building

The Punta Arenas Greenhouse Building represents a visionary response to a critical challenge. Located in a city and region heavily dependent on food imports, this structure redefines urban agriculture. At its core, the building incorporates advanced aquaponic systems that facilitate vertical farming, allowing for not only the cultivation of crops but also greater self-sufficiency. The […]

Aqueveque’s House

Aqueveque’s House In a high end neighborhood of Vitacura, what once was a brick house with shingled pitched roofs. Inside this shared wall house was a old kindergarten that has ceised to exist. Now presents itself a 2 story interior addition with a rooftop garden and barbecue to look over the neighborhood.The facade is composed of […]